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The splendid Himalayas continue to convince us that Himachal Pradesh is a place where God must always breathe. Snow-capped, the countryside, the temples, and the hills are even more glorifying.

The Himachal Pradesh mountains can be considered the best destination for those who love adventures amongst all Indian tourists. Whenever you have time to hike the hills, walk along waterfalls, tops, or even valleys, check the list of the 9 best hiking tours in Himachal Pradesh. from May to October!

Triund Trek, Mcleodganj (Easy)

The best combination to draw people in Dhauladhar is to camp under the stars and a heated bonfire. Triund’s landscape is particularly worth visiting at night. This journey to a large Tibetan population is popular with the name of Little Lhasa. It’s one of the easiest trends to get to here without too much sweat dropping off your body whether you want to go alone or with your life partners.

Hampta Pass Trek, Manali (Easy to Moderate)

Hampta Pass Trek has the name of Hampta, a village nearly 14,000 feet high in the area of Pir Panjal, surrounded by shepherds and a bunch of trekkers. From the Kullu Manali Valley the journey starts, which takes you to the top of the Valley of Chandra in Lahaul. Your sight will be enhanced by oak and walnut trees as you walk.

Bhrigu Lake Trek, Manali (Easy to Moderate)

Bhrigu Lake Trek is definitely perfect if you’re a novice at trekking at Himachal Pradesh. In just two days no trek other than Bhrigu Trek can take you to the fascinating summit. You must also know that Bhrigu Maharishi has been home to this place and people are happy to enter that place. Make sure you are able to walk the steep paths before moving and do not fear them. Besides that, before June begins to freeze in mid-June, you must visit the lake of Bhrigu.

Kheerganga Trek, Kasol (Easy)

Kheerganga is an alluring river since it looks as though opening the doors to the sky. When you keep going through awe-inspiring views, you will forget the time counting. In five to six hours or a maximum of a day, you can finally cover this trek for 12 km. Confide in us, you will definitely love the beauty of Kheerganga.

Indrahar Pass Trek, Dharmshala (Easy)

One of the most famous places under the Himachal Pradesh tourism is the Indrahar pass trek from Dharmshala. It starts from the valley of Kangra and takes you to the basin of the Ravi River while it gives you the beauty of Dauladhar. The trail with snow bridges, snagging rivers of the mountains, and deodar trees are what you will most enjoy.

Prashar Lake Trek, Mandi (Moderate)

Prashar Lake trekking offers trekking lovers 180-degree views of the Kinnaur and Pir Panjal mountains in order to discover the beauty of Dhauladhar in a very different and spectacular way. There are two routes to the lake, one through the village of Jwalpur and the other through the village of Biaggi. If you’re looking for a simple one, then choose Jwalpur Village Trail and enjoy the perfect winter snow trek. Alternatively, you can make a lot of choices from an online route planner.

Malana Village Trek, Kasol (Easy)

A pleasant walk from Kasol through the narrow rolling paths to Malana Village. You’ll finish the 4-km-tour to Malana in nearly 6 days thus cutting the heart of the hills. You enjoy the nebulous morning and the chilly mountain air, which keeps you refreshed rather than trekking. You can do it with very nice packages if you think you need some mapping guidance or venue. Just try to find yourself.

Pin Parvati Pass Trek, Spiti (Difficult)

Pin Parvati Pass Trek is a perfect hike if you are bored with the simple and moderate treks. Enable you nearly 9 days to complete the trek while passing the snowy landscapes, mountain passes, and fascinating wilderness. It regulates your stamina and endurance, but the fun journey is worth your effort. You can see Buddhist monasteries at the top of this valley called Tabo and Ki Gompo where Kullu and Spiti valley are hugging each other. Before you start your journey to 16,000 ft. high mountains, make sure you are prepared mentally.

Sar Pass Trek, Kasol (Difficult)

Sar Pass Trek is one of the most difficult trekking tours of Himachal Pradesh and offers tourists amazing views of the Himalayas. The mountains full of snow and the attractive scenery make the trek fun. Here, you will have a test of deodar and pine trees with flowering meadows. This walk will bring magic to your times and make your tour happy.

You will feel the true beauty of the world by exploring the beautiful landscapes of Himachal Pradesh. To explore do trip is the best option if you want to know about a plethora of vacation places in India.

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