Top 5 apps for online doctor’s consultation

Now that the COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to limit physical contact, virtual meetings have emerged as a viable alternative. The healthcare sector has undergone similar changes too, and online doctor consultation is fast gaining traction. Considering the potential dangers of visiting hospitals, many of which are treating COVID-19 patients, online consultations are safer. Just like virtual meetings, the patients can consult the doctors via video calls.

Here are five of the best apps for consulting a doctor virtually.

Bajaj Finserv Health

The best app for this purpose, Bajaj Finserv Health, offers excellent telemedicine solutions. Using this app, one can seamlessly consult the doctors via chat, audio, and video. More than 45,000 doctors across 15+ specialties offer reliable consultation services through this platform. Thanks to its smooth UI, the app is easy to use, even for users who aren’t tech-savvy. Moreover, the Bajaj Finserv Health app supports consultations in over ten different languages.

Using this app, you may set up an appointment in a matter of seconds. The app comes with several sophisticated features and smart tools that streamline the entire process. For instance, the app includes a virtual nurse that can chat with the patients. DocsApp also comes provisioned for storing medical documents such as e-prescriptions and lab test reports.


Another online doctor consultation app with a network of more than 1 lakh doctors, Practo, offers the users plenty of options. The app provides virtual consultations for more than 25 specialties and thus, covers most health issues. You may consult a doctor through a video chat, an audio call, or text chat. Additionally, you would also be able to follow up with the doctor using a free chat feature. Practo offers to get the users connected to doctors within sixty seconds.


This app has established tie-ups with more than eighty hospitals. It offers the consultancy services of more than 375 doctors. 1Mfine takes about thirty minutes to forty minutes to connect the users with doctors. The process is quite simple. The users only need to log in and submit their symptoms, after which the app presents them with a list of available doctors under the relevant specialization. The consultancy services are available around the clock, through audio and video calls. The users receive the prescriptions through the 1Mfine app. While you would have to pay for each appointment, the follow-ups are free.

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With high user ratings on the Play store, Doxtro is a popular app that you may use to consult a doctor virtually. This app offers immediate consultations, along with an offer for the users to schedule a consultation at their preferred timing. Doxtro would save your medical record digitally, such that you or your doctor may easily access them for future reference. The users may also opt to get diagnostic tests at their residence or get their medicines delivered through this app. The consultations take place through calls or chat.


DocsApp offers completely private and secure consultations through audio or video. This app boasts of over 10 million users and five thousand doctors. Ranging over more than twenty specialties, each of these doctors is highly qualified.  The app charges the users a one-time consultation fee, after which an appointment is instantly set up.

 The users may either chat with the appointed doctor or consult them through audio or video calls. DocsApp comes with adequate features for the users to upload and store necessary medical documents. After consulting the doctor, you may also buy the necessary medicines or book a test through the same app. The users do not need to worry about traveling anywhere as doorstep delivery and collection facilities are available.

These are some of the leading online doctor consultationapps that offer reliable services. After downloading these, one can seamlessly consult various renowned doctors while staying at home.

Things to keep in mind during a virtual consultation

The concept of virtually consulting doctors may still be new to many. Here are a few suggestions to help you through the process:

  • Internet connection: Poor connectivity can pose a problem during your consultation. But during video calls, a weak signal may hinder your entire experience. Under these conditions, the patient and the doctor may not properly see or hear each other. Make sure that your internet connection is strong during the consultation.
  • Privacy: It is highly recommended to stay alone in a room or somewhere private while consulting a doctor virtually, as it would help you speak more freely.
  • Frankness: Like during physical consultations, you must be frank with the doctors during online consultations too. The leading apps offer a high level of security and privacy that you may trust.

Considering the diversity of benefits, one of the online consultation apps mentioned above should certainly serve your purpose. You may download the Bajaj Finserv Health app, given that it can connect you with the most qualified medical professionals with ease.

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