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Hampta Pass Trek: Hamptapass (14,100 ft.) connects the Lahaul and Kullu valleys of the state near Manali (6,726 ft.) in Himachal Pradesh. The trek is filled with natural strokes, forests, grasslands, desert areas, wild and slippery terrain, climb and descend along the river crossing! Some basics of this ‘not to be missed’ trek are presented here:

Himachal has been the first love of the trekker with all its intimate paths covering the exciting environment around! The life and field outside the mountains is exciting, crude, and attract every traveler to an important journey. Those who are driven by the desire to conquer fear and vertigo, go down the route and live to tell the stories of a wonderful journey. Hampta Pass is one of those destinations in Himachal, which makes every adventurer a paradise for trekking.


Hamta Pass lies on the Pir Panjal range in the Himalayas at an altitude of 4270 m (14039 ft). It is a small passage between Himachal Pradesh Valley, Lahaul’s Chandra Valley and Kullu Valley, India. As part of the trek, the nomenclature was derived from the village of Hamta, below the village of Sethan. Shepherds of the lower Himalayan area are often used for this pass in summer, when the dry cold desert of Lahaul is barren. High altitude grasslands are the source.

Trek Level: It is an easy, medium-level trek, so it is advisable for experienced trekkers. You should have made two to three treks and negotiated about 9850 ft. of altitude.


In the Hampta Pass Trek, you will need an experienced guide and a group of people because of the unpredictable climate and the changing & challenging lands. So go with a professional operator, even if you repeat this ride regularly.

Meeting time:

June-October. The climate is cool year-round due to the high altitudes. In addition to snow & temperature below zero degrees, erratic weather is also a problem. Summers see the least possible amount of snow at this level, thereby increasing the potential for hiking on such grounds.

Physical preparation:

Anyone over 14 years of age can take a walk through Hampta Pass. You have to prepare, however. Your heart needs almost two times to keep you going with less oxygen at high altitudes. Add 10-12 kg of the rear pack on sharp slopes up and down, as well as rivers. You, therefore, need to build your strength, legs and back resistance, flexibility, and balance for at least a month before heading for high altitudes.

Practice 1 hour every day. Begin without break and build on it with 5 minutes of jogging. Add 3 8-10 squats sets to it. Use as many steps as possible with a backpack of 10 - 12 kg (well, if 15 kg). You should have 10 km of walking in about 90 minutes or 4.5 km of jogging in 25 minutes before you go for the hike on the plain.

You can walk 6-7 hours a day with your 10-12 Kg rucksack. To avoid muscle & joint soreness, sufficient detention & shoulder exercises are regularly practiced.


North Indian is the food served on the trek. The lunch and lunch are light. Breakfast and dinner. Early you are eating. Try to adapt your body for one month to this type of meal cycle.

‘Just’ Carry Essentials:

A rain-covered 50-60 liters backpack, torches and sunglasses, hiking and floating shoes, water bottle, first aid & medical kit, is needed to store it in a walking stick.

T-shirts, fleece T-shirts, hot and waterproof jackets and sweatshirts, sun & woolen caps, waterproof & woolen gloves, cotton & wooden sockets, neck-gauger, and cotton & woolen sock. Cleaned includes trekking jacket and sleeves. Intensive sunscreen & lip balm, toilet paper & wipes, hand sanitizer, anti-bacteria powder, tooth burn, and toothpaste, and fast dry towel are all in the toiletries.

The Route:

5-6 days trek. This is a route. Day-1 Take Manali to Jobra and begin the walk. Hike to Chika. - Hike to Chika. Balu ka Gera is the second-day destination. Day-3, via the Hampta Pass, is Shea Goru. The 4th day is the base camp of Chhatru and goes from and to Chandrataal (if weather & paths allow). Reach Manali day 5. Day 5.

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