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June is around the corner. June is around the corner! Yes, it’s been a half year and you probably still wonder – “What have I done over the last five months?” If you nod then June may be somewhat different, and you’ve dreamed of going on that holiday. Here is a list of five places to visit in June to inspire you to pack your bags.

1. Ladakh 

Every traveller can easily find Ladakh in the bucket list. In June it is certainly the perfect place to visit the yearly break from the weather and road conditions, and the experiences it has to offer. As a plus, the Saka Dawa Festival is celebrated in the monasteries in Ladakh. June is also festive. It marks the full-moon birth of the Buddha and is important in the Tibetan calendar.

Ladakh is an ideal trekking place with its uneven terrain and beautiful landscapes. It is famous to be a favorite among trekkers, whether it be the exciting attraction of the region or the strong positive vibes the site exudes. While amateurs can begin with smaller walks, the Chadar ice trek and others are challenging walks for experienced people. Make sure that you take enough time to acclimate your body to the climate. Go equipped with the necessary equipment and ideally a leading guide. You are bound to have an out-of-the-world experience when walking on snow-covered trails and high peaks around you.

2. Waterfall trails in South India

June marks the arrival in South India of monsoon that makes the region greener and relatively cooler. You can plan a trip to the wonderful waterfalls here, and experience them in full glory if you look for a short break. Alternatively, a trail can also be created and visited! So devote some time to your checklist for Shimoga Jog Falls, Thrissur Athirapally Falls, Coorg Iruppu Falls, and Mandya Falls Shivanasamudra Falls, and Nadu Tamil Falls Hogenakkal Falls.

3. Champakkulam Boat Race in Kerala

There is no complete list of places to visit in June without adding Kerala’s moonsoon beauty. If you are in the mood for a holiday and self-satisfaction, don’t look any further. Reserve your houseboat immediately to experience Kerala backwaters and spend some Ayurvedic time. The locals in a celebration mood will be in preparation for the next snake boat race of Champakulam! Sit in the shade of a cocoon-tree, see the Pamba River revolve with the rhiesy oarsmen’s frenzied rhythm.

4. Kashmir

In the month of June, the weather in Kashmir is nice, with crystal clear Kashmir great lakes and verdant valleys. As it is the end of school holidays, the number of tourists is also relatively less. This is the ideal time to visit if you are looking for a peaceful time in the mountains. Plan your trip to Srinagar and keep Pahalgam, Gulmarg, and Sonamarg on your list. Do not forget.

It is a moderately difficult hike that spans six days with a variety of landscapes. There are therefore long trekking days with steep ascents and descents without an easy exit. This is therefore not intended for a beginner who was not exposed to high altitude walks.

The challenges, however, are worthwhile. With a new alpine lake to look forward to every day, a postcard is perfect. The snowflakes feeding these lakes are even more beautiful. You see them sliding into the lakes from the tight mountains. Sometimes on the blue inky lake surface, you can watch milky white icebergs float.

The first day in these meadows, clumps of maple and pine are growing like an oasis. On the second day, the horses and sheep go down a pass down to a large valley. On the third day, just below Gadsar Pass, these meadows are filled with wildflowers. The fourth day looks almost manicured on the grassy plain of Satsar with a winding stream.

5. Trek in the Himalayas

You need to register for the treks if your idea of holidays involves a lot of the adrenaline rush. Choose from the trek to Uttarakhand or the Buran Ghat Trek, to the Bhrigu Lake Trek, and to the Hampta Pass in Himachal Pradesh between Dayara Bugyal and the Roopkund Trek and the Rupin Pass. Choose from your level of physical fitness and relax with the Himalayan beauty.

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