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If we talk about the best exercise for the upper body so push-ups come first on your lips. Because it is the best exercise for the upper body and chest. It has many variations that we discuss here but first, we see what pushups do with the upper body and where works.

So, Push-ups is the best exercise for the chest and triceps because it covers all the chest and triceps. And some of its variations also work on our back. It is an important exercise for our chest whatever your level is but you have to do push-ups. Because if you are going to do any exercise first you have to do warm-up and for warm-up, you have to do push-ups. So whatever exercise you are going to perform first you have to do push. Because when you do it your body got warm and it decreases the risk of injuries in your body. So, push up is an important excessive for anyone who is doing workouts.

Before we talk about its variation it is important to know how to push-ups and what is the correct way to do it.

How to do a perfect push-up?

  • The proper way to do push-ups is to first start with your chest and stomach level on the floor.
  • Take your hand closer to your chest don’t make the “T” position because it makes injuries in your shoulder make a narrow shape.
  • And when going down with the help of your hand and chest so, breathe out, and when you come back breathe in.
  • Don’t bend your back make it state. It is the perfect form of push-ups.

So this is the proper way to do push-ups.

A basic push-up is a good way to strengthen the chest and arm muscles and you can easily be scaled as you get stronger. Simple push-ups required just your own body weight and your arms and no equipment is needed to do it, and you can do it anywhere there just a firm surface needed with enough space for you to stretch out flat in.

There are three muscles part in your chest. Upper, middle, and lower part.

So what type of push up cover which muscles part.

1) Incline push-ups.

This push up is best for your lower chest. Some people think that it works on your upper chest but they are wrong because it works on the lower chest it forces your chest to push you up. It is one of the best push-ups to grow and give a shape to your lower chest. It is easier to do.

2) De-cline push-ups.

It is a good push-up for your upper chest it increases the upper chest width that gives an impressive look to your chest and completes your chest shape. It is harder to do as compare to incline pushups. Because of its variation, it increases the force on your muscles because of gravity.

3) Standard push-ups

It is the normal push that I guide you on how to do push-ups? So, it works on your overall chest muscles and more work on your middle chest muscles because of its variation it is easy to do and give a proper shape to your chest.

Push-ups are the best exercise to shape to the chest, increase muscle mass, and to strengthen your body.

But what for them who are overweight and want to do push-ups. But unfortunately, they can’t because for them it is hard to do a single push-up. They can take help from the wall just do push-ups on the wall of 90 degrees and then after a week come on 80 degrees than 70 and so on and a time you achieve your push-ups goal like.

  1. Wall push-ups

I called it baby push-ups because anyone can do it easily all you need to do choose a wall go there put your hands on it and start pushing the wall go closer to it and come back it is all you need to do and you can do it 20 push-ups with 5 sets.

  1. Knee push-ups.

In these push-ups, you have to go on push-up position and put your knee on the floor and start doing push-ups don’t forget breath out when you go down and breathe in when you come back.

  1. Standard push-ups.

As I told you before normal push up that you do on the floor.

Why push-ups are hard to do?

if you want to be strong so you have to do hard things. And the basic answer is that it works on your muscles strength and hard because your chest muscles never do this type of thing. Before that’s why when you do so you feel it is hard to do but when you start doing it daily. Then in the periods of time, you feel more comfortable and at a time 100 push-ups are just your warm-up. So never stop just continuously do it and increase your level week by week.

4 important things that you have to know.

Exercise done with good positions and correct forms are the key to getting benefits from any of your exercise. Comfort and correct form is important in any exercise to not get injured when you are performing it.

The right form and position help you to get familiar with that exercise and get engaged and benefit when you are performing it.

Do your exercises with comfort.

  • You can follow this to get comfort when you are performing exercises.
  • take a yoga mat and anything like it instead of a bare floor.
  •  If you are performing knee push-ups so you can take help from a towel by placing it under your knee.
  •  Spot hands under shoulders with your fingers pointing the straight forward before you to keep away from wrist pain.
  •  Look down on the floor to avoid neck injuries.
  •  Put your palm on the floor instead of forcing on your overall hand to avoid wrist injuries.

Focus on your forms when you are performing exercises.

While doing pushups on the ground, you’ll need to hold a straight back. Oppose drooping your spine or angling it up toward the roof. Getting your center muscles will help hold your structure under control. Make a point to keep your developments moderate and controlled as opposed to pummeling your body down excessively fast.

  • So you have to see that.
  • Your form is correct.
  • The shoulder is in the correct position.
  • Your contact with the ground has to be good.
  • Your core should engage in your exercise.

Position of your hand (Narrow vs wider hand)

The wider the shoulder the more chances to get injured when you are performing the exercises so do follow the narrow form.

Instead of doing wider, you can do push-ups more easily and comfortably with less risk of getting injured when performing the exercises.

Build your strength

Pushups might be difficult to finish from the start, even with the change. In the event that you can’t finish 10 to 15, start with sets of 5 or less and work from that point.

Expanding quality and perseverance requires some investment yet merits the exertion. Keep in mind, performing fewer pushups with the right structure will be preferable after some time over finishing numerous with helpless structure.

What happened when you do 100 pushups a day?

When you do 100 push-ups a day so it makes your muscles strong, lower your chest fat increases the strength of your muscles.

100 push-ups a day give you overall body a look that you like. And when you start doing it you feel changes in your body in just one week you can see those changes.

Different push-ups variations with their level.

  1. Wall push-ups (easy)

Can be done anywhere best for overweight people or those who can’t do single push-ups. All you need to do is choose a wall put your hand on the wall push it and go closer to the wall and come back you can do it’s 20 reps of 5 sets.

  1. Knee push-ups (easy)

It is a good choice for beginners because it is easier to do. And a beginner can do 1o reps at a time easily so, it is good to build your strength. Go on the push variation put your knee on the floor and start doing push-ups. When you go down breathe out and when you go up breath out.

  1. Incline push-ups (easy)

It is easier to do just find a thing that is high and stable. So, it is not slipping when you are doing push-ups go on the position and start doing push-ups. When you down breathe out and when you come back then breathe in.

  1. Standard push-ups (medium)

It is a good type of pushup that covers overall chest muscles. Go on the floor take the plank position and start doing push-ups by doing up and downs.

  1. Diamond push-ups (medium)

This push-up basically works your triceps but it also creates your chest inner line and provides a beautiful shape to your chest.

For doing this put your both hands in the on the in the center of your chest line and start doing push-ups.

  1. Decline push-ups (medium)

It is a great push-up form for the upper chest to find a high place put your legs there and your hand on the floor and start doing push-ups.

  1. Clap push-ups. (Hard)

It is a little bit hard to do it all like standard push-ups but when you are doing it so, you push yourself with a force and do a clap.

  1. 90-degree push-ups

This push is called 90-degree push-ups because you turned your hand in the 90-degree angle and then do it.

So, this is some push-ups types that a beginner and an advanced level person do. These all are normal push-ups with a different difficulty level that mentioned with their names.

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