Padmasana Yoga Pose: Steps, Benefits, and Precautions

It is very important for everyone to change their way of life for better health. For this, we can get good health by following things like regular exercise, balanced eating, staying away from fried things, waking up early in the morning, sleeping early at night, etc. But it is a matter of everyone to follow all the things due to the busy lifestyle.

Therefore, yoga is a secret of wellness for everyone. Through yoga, you can find a way of healthy living. Every activity that comes under yoga has its own benefits. Today we will know about Padmasana posture. By doing this asana, you also get the same benefits that you get from meditating.

Padmasana is a great way to meditate. Padmasana yoga pose helps to boost your mental power. A peaceful and healthy life is a desire of every person.

That’s why yoga is the best way to stay fit and healthy. Through yoga, you might remain healthy for a long time. So, today we are going to tell you how to do Padmasana Yoga asana, and its steps, benefits, and precautions.

Steps of doing Padmasana Yoga Pose

Padmasana means lotus i.e. the posture of lotus. This is one of the simplest of yoga in which the body is shaped to sit in a lotus posture. This asana is the only way to sit in meditation. But with this asana, the body can get a lot of benefits.

Step 1: Place a carpet or mat on a flat area.

Step 2: Fold both legs slowly and keep the toes of the feet comfortable on the thigh of the other leg.

Step 3: Keep the toes of the second leg comfortably on the thigh of the first leg. Those who cannot put both toes on each other’s thighs can only put one toe on the thigh.

Step 4: The soles of the feet should be towards the stomach.

Step 5: Both the waist and neck should be straight.

Step 6: Now keep the palms of the hands on your knees.

Step 7: Both shoulders should be equal and straight.

Step 8: Close your eyes and take a light breath.

Benefits of doing Padmasana Yoga Pose

1- Padmasana helps your mind to remain calm and control your mind to get distracted early.

2- By doing this, the spinal cord becomes straight, flexible, and strong.

3- Those who want to get rid of stress, get benefit by doing this asana.

4- You can also control your pressure after regular exercise of this asana.

5- Its practice increases the semen of the men.

6- Those who want to reduce their belly and waist fat, should practice it regularly.

7- Padmasana Yoga practice increases thinking and mental power. Therefore students should practice this asana.

8- If people want to reduce their belly and waist fat, they should practice it regularly.

9- If you want to make the neck and spine strong and flexible, then they must do Padmasana Yogasana.

10- By doing this, the spinal cord is straight, flexible, and strong.

Precautions keep in mind while practicing Padmasana Yoga Pose

  • Those who are troubled by knee pain and or any swelling in the body, should not do this asana.
  • Apart from this, people who have problems with back pain, Osteo Arthritis, and Sciatica should also not do this asana.
  • Padmasana is the simplest posture and its benefits are many. Regularize this asana in the morning and gradually increase the sitting time of this asana.

If you also want to get the above benefits, then definitely spend some time in your day for Padmasana yoga or join a yoga school in Rishikesh, India. It is the simplest posture and its benefits are so many.

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