Why meditation is now a need in a busy life style?

Let say you have to go out, but you are familiar with the windy air. Hence you also expect that it may soar you anytime, and the plan to go out can get canceled at any point in time. Therefore, you are ready for that as well. The point time when you get ready to go out, suddenly the windy air starts, and you cancel your plans.

In this situation, you rarely get in fury, and you will not feel bad compared to the situation. If you plan to go out happily and you think it is sure to go out today. Perhaps, abruptly wind starts, and all of you have to cancel your plans. This situation will ostensibly take you into fear of disgust and agony.

As per the general misconception, people get in fury when something happens badly, but that is not true. People do not get in fury when something happens to them in bad ways. Instead, they get in fury when something does not occur according to their desires.

The example mentioned above was similar to the stoic philosophy. In the post era of Aristotle, two kinds of philosophies were prevalent. The impacts of these two philosophies can be seen that almost everybody follows the one amongst the two.

The first philosophy was based on Stoicism. The followers of Stoicism are known as Stoic. The other philosophy was based on Epicureanism. The followers of this philosophy were known as Epicurean. Marcus Auraleus, the central point of this blog, was a follower of Stoicism, though he was a stoic.

Hence in this blog, we will learn about stoicism philosophy.

Example from ancient Roman Empire

Marcus Aurelius was very intelligent. He can be counted as the last five emperors of the Roman Empire. His teaching is even considered as great work today. While spending his life, he wrote a book. Actually, it was not a book but his personal diary in which he used to write the experiences he learned from his life.

He had maintained his diary, not for others but himself. In that diary, he used to write about his wisdom, wherever and whenever he feels to. He spent his time writing the wisdom whenever he is at his palace or on the battle field. He loved to write.

Marcus had written many of his wonderful wisdom in his book during his life’s journey. His creation attained by the people after his death. The young people nowadays consider that book as meditation. This blog is written with the conception of sharing with the reader’s one of the most important principles from his creation.

Surety of happenings- good or bad

Bad things can happen to anyone and even with you, and a certain bad situation can appear in your life as it is the ultimate reality of every human’s existence. In this way, you become able to handle all bad and worst circumstances, and if you make yourself feel bad, I assure you that you will not even get furious.

In the comparison of fury, we can get through wrong hopes. Without expecting that it can shower onto you too, you can apply this principle in technical terms. You already own a house, and you wish to available for rent for others. However, when you hike the rent on a thousand basis every year, you inform the tenant about the hiked rent. 

That if he wishes to extend his rental agreement for one more year, he becomes bound to pay thousands of pounds annually. Having heard this from you, he will not feel bad. In another case, if you hike the rent money after one year without giving him prior information. At this, he can get angry at you.  

Conclusion of not having the right expectation

This is because that person has not kept a true or right expectation from you and through his life. This is not working as per the rules of Stoic Philosophy.

You should remember that problem will undoubtedly arise up in your life. Many issues can come to your life without even giving you a hint. It can be disease or any injustice. You may be disguised from the people who are with you and even from your loved ones. They are just with you for their benefits.

However, you can reduce the diseases or sufferings with economic control in your life. You can get loans for bad credit with no guarantor on benefits from direct lenders to accomplish this control.         


What you see the things happenings to others can happen to you, and you cannot ignore it.  If you consider yourself untouched from you, then you are in great false hope. Uncertainty and changes are the actual life, and you do not need to run from them. You have to face them by taking the meaning that it can happen to me also.

The other significant thing is never getting scared from all these situations and changes because you cannot change reality and is stronger than your force. When you can handle any situation and lead your life with happy moments, you follow the stoic philosophy.

Things often do not happen as per the plans, and you do not need to expect something bad to happen in your life. You must perceive good happening and share all your deeds with those who gave you birth and even share all your failures with them.


The blog accumulates the stigma of bearing losses while expecting negative things while you can think for good, maybe not but with a big heart.  

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