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India provides a range of walking opportunities, as in other parts of the world, with its soaring Himalayan peaks and lush South Indian jungles. We have traveled all over the Subcontinent to find the best walks in India. If you are about to go for a short day walk or want to take a longer trip, there are some of the most epic places in India for a walk.

Chembra Peak

Though Kerala can be synonymous with its low backwater and robust beaches, it is true that this south Indian state has its own when it comes to epic trekking sites. Chembra Peak is nearly ideal if you are looking for a rigorous day trip offering a spectacular panorama over the lush inner Wayanad district. The tea plantations are emerald as you enter the hills and finally hit a lake in the heart form, surrounded by wild grasslands, with magnificent views of the surrounding regions. Only look ahead before taking a trek; conservation is very serious in the local government and hiking officials often close the area during the dry season.

Deoria Tal

Detrital is a lovely alpine lake set against a backdrop of Himalayan peaks covered by snow. It is suitable for independent hikers who are looking for an outdoor holiday without having to rely on the services of a guide or an organized tour and who can easily go on a day trip or a night trip. The 3km walk up to the lake is very easy starting in Sari and you can employ a donkey porter to help transport your load if you have a lot of equipment with you. The lakes offer tents and sleeping bins and some small stalls serve standard Indian food. There are also small stalls.


Join the devoted Hindu pilgrims in this 18-kilometer-long journey to Gaumuk, the Holy Spring River Ganges, from the Gangotri Glacier’s edge. The walk begins in Gangotri, a holy pilgrimage town and with little incline, it is very easy to walk. Most people, therefore, spend the night in Bhojwasa, where there are tents and a resting place for tourists, as well as basic facilities, including toilets and bars.

Kareri Lake Trek, Mcleodganj

Kareri Lake trek begins 3 days and 2 nights when you come to Mcleodganj in Dharamkot, from which you take a short walk to the Kareri village. You’ll continue the walk up to the Kareri Lake following the night here. This trek will be a wide range from numerous straight roads to crossings over river bridges. You will see several terrains.

When you come to the pool, take the beautiful landscape for some time. You can reserve a taxi from here or from Ghera to return to Mcleodganj.

Goecha La

Goecha La in the northwest state of Sikkim is the ideal compromise if you’re coming face-to-face, but you’re not ready for Nepal up to Sikkim. This is the highest mountain pass in the State, and if you have 10 to 11 days to travel with a guide, you can receive great views from the southeastern face of the Kanchenjunga Mountain, the third highest mountain in the world, which is worth a walk on your own. Come to visit the clearest views of the beautiful flora in Spring, just before monsoon (including colorful rhododendrons).


Roopkund is the eeriest place in this list, the remote Himalayan Sea located in the Uttarakhand region, at just over 5000 meters above sea level. It is best known for its skeleton deposit which runs around the lake and legend goes back to the 9th century when there was a violent snowstorm killing a group of people (although some scientific testing indicates that at least some of the skeletons may be more recent). A healthy amount of ambition and time (usually about a week-round trip) are needed to get here and it is unwise to attempt this without a guide or in a group.


Tandiandamol is a great day walk for those who want to take in some scenic views and probably spot local wilderness and among the highest peaks in South India’s ridiculously picturesque region of Coorg. This well-marked and moderate ride is simple to take without a guide due to its relatively short length (about 8km each way). In Nalknad Palace, in the city of Yevakapadi, the majority of walkers park, or hike up from there about 3 hours by train from Mysuru or 6 hours from Bengaluru.


The Alpine Willow is situated above the Dharamsala Hill Station, better known as Tibet’s Exile government headquarters, and the Dalai Lama’s palace. The walk begins in the Galu Devi Temple, a famous backpacker haunt right outside McLeod Ganj, in Dharamkot city. It is a 6km walk uphill from here, through deodar pine woods, and up to the top. Although many travelers decide to visit Triund during the day, the summit is for rent with tents and sleeping bags if you want to stay overnight.

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