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Are you having a hard time adjusting from physical classes to online classes? There is a difference between these two modes of learning the latter being new to most of us. However, there are a few tricks you can use to make your online learning experience quite enjoyable. In this article, we will explore some of these hacks.  

Put all your online class links in your calendar

When you add a class to your calendar, you will get a reminder or notification before the class begins. This will give you some time to set up the material needed and settle down for the class. In addition, sync all your calendars so that you don’t miss any scheduled learning activities. You may also need to sync your calendar across multiple devices (if you have them) to get notifications whenever you are using any device.

Note-taking during recorded live lectures

It may be difficult for you to take notes during a live lecture. If the lecture is being recorded it would be easier to participate in the topic discussions during the online class. Later, you may go through the recorded lecture and take notes from there. This is could also be a form of revising the key takeaways intended from the online class.

Save links

Your instructor may send links in the chatbox during class. These could be links could be learning resources or links to the next class. Save any of these links, say in a document, and retrieve them when needed. This links will help you understand the steps to analyzing an argument and the overall task.

Submitting Hand Written Assignments

Using your phone’s scanning feature is the best alternative to taking a picture for your handwritten assignment. After scanning, you can upload the scanned assignment to its designated platform without any problems.

The best scanning available is Camscanner. It enhances your image quality by making the writing a bit darker. It is free on Playstore on Android and Appstore on iPhone.

Put your phone away

If you are not using your phone for your online class putting it away is a great thing as this will limit distraction. You may be tempted to take a sneak peep at your social media or incoming messages. So, put your phone in a nearby drawer or leave it in another room.

Find a designated workplace

Have a workplace set apart from your bedroom or leisure spots. This will get your head into study mode and allow you full concentration. Avoid clutter and dirt around your working area. Always keep it neat and tidy setting all the material needed for your online classes beforehand.

Wake up in advance for the online class, get dressed and sit at your desk. It is important to separate your relaxing and working area.

Maintain proper posture

It is very tempting to put your legs on the table, slouch, and bend excessively, etc. while attending an online class since no one is actively monitoring you. However, poor posture is not only bad for your health but also affects focus and attention.

Ensure your feet are placed firmly on the floor and your back is straight against the chair. Research shows that a good posture boosts productivity.

Inform your roommates not to disturb you

Roommates, siblings, and parents may find themselves barging into your study area in the middle of your online class. It is prudent to tell them in advance about your schedule so that they may leave you some deserved peace.

Sometimes they may forget that you have classes and start being loud, rowdy, or annoying. To keep them at bay put a ‘do not disturb sign’ at your door as a reminder.

Maintain a regular schedule

Learning online does not mean you should completely change your entire lifestyle. Be proactive on your hygiene that is, taking a shower, putting on clean clothes, and brushing your teeth. Remember to eat healthy food consisting of a balanced diet. Make some time for a walk during the day even if it is around the house. If you are up to it you can schedule a workout session.

Write a to-do list

Life gets a bit hectic sometimes. You need to keep with classes, read for exams, catch up with friends, run errands, etc. Having a to-do list will help you organize your day and prioritize the most important tasks. A common mistake most people make is excluding fun or relaxation time from their schedule. It is important you include this as well. Having rest sets you up better for the consequent tasks you will undertake.

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