Are You Aware of These 5 Early Signs of TMJ Disorder?

Human anatomy is complex and when every jaw doesn’t work in harmony, it can create a lot of problems, pain, and discomfort for you. A small joint in the human body is your temporomandibular joint. There are two joints that connect both of your jaws to the two sides of your skull. These joints work like sliding hinges that help you open and close your mouth in the right way.

When you are suffering from TMJ disorder, the jaw joint and the supporting muscles will be inflamed and create pain and discomfort for you. Generally, any TMJ oral surgeon including Dr. Richard Rolle Jr., the famous oral and maxillofacial surgeon in Charlotte, Cornelius, Huntersville, Statesville, and Mooresville NC, suggests going for conservative homely remedies and lifestyle changes for better pain management for TMJ issues. Surgery is often the last resort when nothing works out to help you manage the pain. Hence, when you are trying to manage your pain for TMJ disorder, it is essential that you get to know about the early signs of TMJ disorder in the first place. Take a look at the following points to know more.

Pain in the Jaw Area

 This is the earliest sign that you can get for TMJ disorder. You will wake up and experience pain in your jaw area. The pain can vary from one person to another. For many, this is generally a numbing pain which makes it difficult to open the mouth at first. But for some, the pain can be excruciating too. So, in case, you are experiencing pain in your jaw area, it is better that you pay attention to it.

Frequent Headaches and Migraine

The pain due to TMJ issues will not remain limited only to your jaw area. You will start getting a frequent migraine. The frequency will be like every day. And you can differentiate it as no known remedies for migraine will help you deal with the pain. If you are having such pain and migraine that is not going away even after trying all the remedies, then it is better that you seek advice from an oral and maxillofacial surgeon in Charlotte, Davidson, Concord, and Kenansville in North Carolina.

Pain in and Around Your Ears and Neck

If you are suffering from TMJ disorder, then the pain will start from your jaw area but won’t remain limited to that only. It will become difficult for you to manage the pain as it will spread in and around your ears and neck. As the TMJ is located just beneath your ears, get prepared to experience some pain and tenderness around it. Also, there will be pain around your neck too. This is an early sign even if you are not feeling any pain in your jaw area. Often in this stage, with the help of 3D imaging, the surgeon can detect the problem and start the TMJ treatment in Charlotte NC.

Aching Facial Pain

Often TMJ disorder patients complain about aching pain all around the face. The pain can span from beneath the ears to the forehead and head to the chin and jaw. The pain can be extreme as well as dumb. This pain can be felt at any point of the day. In the case of such pain, start looking for other symptoms that will help you understand if the pain is because of TMJ disorder to not.

Clicking or Popping Sound in Your Jaw

This is a clear giveaway sign that you are suffering from TMJ disorder. When you are suffering from TMJ disorder, the joints that work like hinges are not working properly. And that is why there is friction in your jaw area among your bones. This will create a popping or clicking sound when you are opening or closing your mouth. In fact, when this sound is created, you might find it difficult to close your jaw.

If you are noticing any of these signs already, you need to start searching with “TMJ specialist near me” and get an appointment from the doctor you can find. Address this issue immediately so that you can avoid the surgery.

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