20 amazing health benefits when you know you will start running daily

Spring is here and the beautiful days are starting to give you ants in your legs. Now might be the time to get down to running. You are still not sure, here are 20 good reasons to get started!

1. Goodbye fat and bulges!

Diets, you’ve tried them all. With varying degrees of success … To lose weight over the long term, nothing like endurance sports. And if there was to be only one, the jogger would win hands down. Ideal for maintaining muscles and drying out fat mass, that is to say, the small bulges around the waist or the saddlebags, running offers an excellent effort/results ratio. On two conditions, otherwise, it doesn’t work: run at a moderate pace for more than 40 minutes at a stretch, two to three times a week, and, of course, stop eating anything.

2. It makes me a nice leg

Complexed by your legs? Too big, too soft, too straight… Don’t despair. Running is an ideal activity for shaping the legs harmoniously.

Indeed, “muscular work in the lower limbs causes little increase in volume. And generally, women appreciate it ”, assures Dr. Cascua, sports doctor and author of The sport to lose weight (Odile Jacob).

Unlike cycling, which can swell the thighs and calves, jogging strengthens the legs more lengthwise, especially if you practice some stretches at the end of the session.

3. Beautiful buttocks

As with the legs, running improves the shape of the buttocks. No exaggerated volume gain but the promise of gaining firmness after a few weeks and, in addition, the possibility of erasing the saddlebags.

“Walking and jogging work the glutes, which are the outer muscles of the thigh. When these muscles are toned, they can make saddlebags disappear ”, explains Dr. Christophe Delong, sports doctor and author of Les benefits du sport (Flammarion). A great alternative to liposuction!

4. And a nice flat stomach

In running, the abdominals play a sheathing role. It is a natural posture work that tones the abdominal belt. “The muscles that run along the spine and abdominals also work to support the bust and balance the spine,” says Dr. Cascua.

In short, when you run, you also strengthen your abdominals. To optimize this work, breathe through your stomach, raise your knees and nothing prevents you from finishing your jog with a few abdominal exercises, the transverse in particular, in order to better control the position of the pelvis during the race. *

5. Get back in shape

Tired, stressed, at the end of the line … Contrary to what one might think, total rest, slumped in front of the television, is not the best way to be in good shape. On the other hand, running allows you to evacuate a lot of toxins and stimulate the immune system.

Training 30 to 45 minutes three times a week will boost the immune system and protect the body against infection and disease. After a good jog, the stress is released, the body recovers better and the nights are better. What to have fishing!

6. Sleep like a baby

To effectively fight against sleep disorders, running is an excellent natural sleeping pill. As long as you do not run just before going to bed, but rather between 5 and 6 p.m. according to Dr. Cascua, a well-conducted jogging session (pace, breath, stride) relaxes the muscles.

They tend to tense up throughout the day. After training outdoors, the body is tired, the mind calmed, the tensions have forgotten all conditions that promote deep and restorative sleep.

7. Less stress

Patricia, thirty-nine years old, two children, senior editor in publishing, around 30 employees under her command, is categorical: “I have been running for 20 to 25 minutes every morning for the past month. It releases incredible stress! Suddenly I arrive at the super Zen office and manage to work calmly all day. “

Running allows you to release all nervous tension and to think about something else. This is a good way to have fun while thinking of yourself and to take a break from the little hassles of everyday life. A real breath of fresh air for the head!

8. See life in pink

During long physical exercise such as jogging, the brain releases endorphins after about twenty minutes. They are analgesics close to morphine which cause a euphoric state and well-being. Several studies have also demonstrated the positive role of running in the treatment of depression.

“It all depends on the degree of the disease, but the simple act of running can stimulate positive emotions again and get out of the downward spiral of depression ”, explains Jean-Cyrille Lecoq, sports psychologist. Jogging, better than antidepressants?

9. Good men health

Sport increases the performance of the heart, breath, and blood circulation, thus promoting the irrigation of muscles, mucous membranes (and stretchy organs for men). Jogging, like any sustained effort, also warms the body. However, heat is a libido stimulant.

In addition, running helps relieve stress. And the body to relax more during with your partner. Finally, when we run, the brain releases endorphins, these famous hormones of ecstasy. From jogging to bed, sometimes there is just one step.

10. Less capricious rules

Sport tends to reduce menstrual disorders. Result: less pain and more regularity in the cycle. As for childbirth, sportswomen give birth more easily and faster than sedentary people.

“Sport tones the perineum and sportswomen have a better knowledge of their body. Childbirth is also a big (huge for some) performance. It’s a long effort for which joggers are often better prepared, both physically and psychologically, ”confirms Dr. Delong.

11. Cancer prevention

Statistically, the risk of developing breast cancer is two times lower in runners than in sedentary people. The risk of developing colon cancer is also lower since running speeds up intestinal transit, thus reducing the exposure of the lining of the large intestine to potential cancerous agents.

Likewise, muscle activity and thinness prevent the onset of cancers of the female reproductive system, while being overweight increases the risk of breast and endometrial cancer in postmenopausal women. Ladies and gentlemen put on your sneakers!

12. A more relaxed menopause

For most women, menopause is the big hormonal upheaval that causes irritability, overweight, depression, pain, etc. These inconveniences are due to a dysfunction of the nervous system of the internal organs. However, most experts say that physical exercise tends to facilitate the action of the regulatory mechanisms of this nervous system.

Jogging can help women take this step smoothly and help them maintain good self-esteem. Running also strengthens bone capital and prevents the risk of osteoporosis, which are major risks during menopause.

13. Make old bones

According to an epidemiological study, people who practice intensive sports such as running have a lower risk of hip fracture. Jogging strengthens bones and prevents osteoporosis (fractures and disturbances in balance).

“Running boosts bone capital up to the age of twenty. Afterward, it maintains it, especially on the back, ”explains Dr Cascua. Running regularly is also a brake on bone and joint aging and relieves low back pain (back pain) as long as you train on soft ground and avoid tarmac, concrete, and very hard ground.

14. A heart as big as this

Women are unfortunately catching up with men when it comes to cardiovascular disease, especially since tobacco and the pill do not mix (the risk of developing cardiovascular disease is multiplied by five).

However, running is an excellent way to fight against cardiovascular risk factors. It improves blood circulation, slows down the heartbeat at rest and during exertion, in short, the heart works better and exercise gives the heart a reserve of power.

15. A breath of hell

“Women are quickly out of breath when they play sports. In reality, they cannot breathe. They need to learn to control their breath and jogging is perfect for that, ”says Christophe Delong, a sports doctor.

Breathing is learned and useful for everyday life. The correct method: the exhalation should last two to three longer than the inhalation. Running with the front crawl is the sport that develops the most breath. It is the exact reflection of physical abilities. He’s a good scorer, the less breathless you get, the more progress you have made.

16. Live longer

Running and a healthy lifestyle often go hand in hand. The more healthy, muscular, lean, and non-smoking you are, the more you will lengthen your lifespan. In general, sport reduces a large number of cardiovascular pathologies and cancers. Research continues to confirm the benefits of sport over time and quality of life and endurance activities are no exception. “For example, we know that jogging reduces the risk of a heart attack by three,” says Dr. Cascua. Many studies go in the same direction and have shown that joggers lived a little better and more long time.

17. Stop smoking without gaining weight

Is there an alternative to smoking? The sport of course! To stop smoking without gaining 10 kg and get depressed after two days, running should be prescribed. The very gradual resumption of walking first and then running in the second promotes oxygenation of the blood, limits shortness of breath, and burns small additional calories. Quitting smoking is much more effective and motivating when you are active.

18. Fight constipation and bloating

“The race speeds up the transit without turning it into a meltdown. It’s a good regulator. Besides, you don’t get constipated when you run because you have to drink to rehydrate, ”says Dr. Delong.

Jogging is also effective in combating bloating. As the transit is faster, the fermentation of food, which results in the production of gas, does not have time to take place. And a few sit-ups at the end of the workout never hurt anyone, especially to keep a flat stomach.

19. Prevent certain diseases

Jogging is the main activity for lowering blood pressure. Endurance sports open the blood vessels and slow down the heart rate while resting. Hypertension medications do the exact same thing!

Ditto to fight against cholesterol. Running lowers bad cholesterol (LDL) and promotes a balance between good (HDL) and bad. Jogging is also a good remedy for diabetes. As for non-insulin-dependent diabetics, who are most of the time overweight, they will easily burn excess fat and sugar in the blood if they run regularly.

20. Little investment and a lot of freedom

Running is one of the few sports that requires so little financial investment. Just buy a good pair of running shoes and a real sports bra to avoid damaging the chest. It is an individual sport that can be played at any time and almost anywhere while traveling, alone, or with someone. So, no more (bad) excuses!

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